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i got a car from them back in 2004 had the car a few weeks couldn't get the tag for the car cause they wouldn't transfer the title over from the previous owner. had tons of problems out of this car ended up taking it back to them saying i didn't wait it they did not give me any papers to my involintary repo when i surrendered the keys .

i didn't hear anything from them in years also they put it on my credit as a repo not voluntary but as a inviluntary and a charge off. thats just the tip of the iceberg. mind you i got this car in 2004 why they wait till 2011 to garnish my wages at work messing me up with my apartment cause the garnishment caused me to not have money for my rent i was always short on bills etc.... cause if it.

then i moved back home to mom since i couldne't afford to live on my own the garnishment was taking 25% of my check which was 300 dollars and some change out of every check they did this for 6 months then it stopped. i never recieved any paperwork to go to court in regards to the garnishment nor have they not tried to contact me about any arrangments to pay etc..... long store short i moved out of atlanta and now live in florida. about 2 weeks ago i check my check stub and they came back garnishing me again im like wtf.

first time they garnished me they got 2600 dollars out of me now they doing it again . not only am i far away from my family now i have a new car credit is in a1 standing now and they taking 300 a pay period again for the garnishment i hanve't recieved any papers or documents to go to court again its just bs cause as long ago as its been why they wait till 2012 to come after me for a car that i returned in 2004. and the lawyer representing them is saying that i owe then 10,000 cause of interest added over the years that they couldne't find me i was like thats a *** lie cause i had my moms address on the loan if anything they could have served the papers to my moms house and i would have gotten them. and they have to be doing some crooked stuff with the judge handling it to keep doing this to me when i live out of state now.

then when they started the garnishment back they went to a diffrent court house not the origional one that handled the case to begin with. i guess they had to go to a different judge since the origional one knows they already garnished me for this . i wish that place burns in ***. i wouldne't *** on them to put them out.

biggest mistake of my life going to them and thier bogus words to get you to come buy a car from them. they prey on people with bad credit and its not right to screw people.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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